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Hispano offers architectural and interior design services for projects in different sectors.

Hotels and resorts

We offer the highest quality interior and architectural design services to owners and operators of luxury hotels and resorts worldwide.


Hispano offers design services that meet the unique needs of museums and similar institutions, based on our deep understanding of their design needs.

Theme parks

We offer the full spectrum of design services for theme parks, amusement parks and other themed attractions.

Commercial Establishment

Our design experts have a unique understanding of how people and organizations use spaces. This results in collaborative design projects that maximize resources and make every client proud.


We offer expert services in residential design projects that capture the spirit of their surroundings and achieve a distinct identity that is visually appealing, secure and efficient.

Private Residence

We have long years of experience in designing private residences and palaces that reflect the unique personality of their owners and speak of the highest standards of bespoke luxury.


Hispano offers turn-key retail design services characterized by modern concepts, practical space utilization, sustainable design and high-quality finishing.

Food and Beverage

Our team is expert at transforming a client’s vision into a unique hospitality destination that optimizes space and reflects the aspirations of the business and its clientele.

Marine Interior

Hispano’s design team is highly proficient in the meticulous space planning and ergonomic design that are called for in the confined spaces of marine interiors.


Our team offers highly specialized design services for marine vessels, with a keen understanding of needs and materials, along with extreme attention to detail.

Marine Interior :: Super yacht

We offer the most experienced designers and the finest materials to create a sailing experience that is beyond all expectations of design and luxury.