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Hispano combines highly technical industry experience with unparalleled creativity to create exclusive architectural solutions. Our highly skilled team explores the limits of every project to solve each client’s needs in an innovative, ingenious and inspired fashion.

Interior Design

Great interior design is in its essence a synthesis of visonary concepts, the architecture and the site. Based on this belief, our designers and technical professionals strive to blend the different elements together to gratify the diverse needs and fantasies of our clients.



Our expert contracting team ensures that the envisioned project is executed meticulously, ensuring every detail of the original concept is materialized. The team has a record of delivering projects on time and to the highest standards. Each member of the contracting team has years of professional experience and is equipped with exceptional skills to accomplish their roles to perfection.


Hispano provides complete fit-out solutions to suit individual client needs. Our fit-out team has a wealth of experience and expertise to provide turnkey interior fit-outs and refurbishments with speed, accuracy and optimum efficiency. Our uncompromising quality standards ensure that every site is fitted out to exceed your expectations.


Our expert, experienced procurement team has highly developed skills to put together all the pieces of your project efficiently and harmoniously. These experts will select products and materials, coordinate finishes and review quotes while initiating the procurement process. All procurement is subject to timely deliveries and meticulous inspections before acceptance for installation in the project.


Hispano offers turnkey project solutions in landscaping, from consultancy to design to development. Our services include outdoor landscaping, water features, interior landscaping and professional maintenance. Green is more than just a word to us…it’s a mission. Creating healthier living and working environments for our customers is our first priority. We accomplish this by practicing sustainability in every aspect of our business, from the services we provide to our daily operations.

Green Technology

Green Wall (Vertical Garden Installation)

Sustainability solutions are fundamental to our practice. We collaborate with our clients to creatively connect city life, work and play with nature. Our team consists of horticulturist, skilled installers and professional designers.
Our expertise in Green Walls and Vertical Gardens ensures great results and minimal maintenance. Some of our most prestigious projects include the most advanced landscape technologies and urban greenery solutions.

Green Roof (Roof Garden Design & Installation)

Versions of green roofs have been used around the world for centuries, particularly in Western Europe. Green roofs can make the most of unused space within the increasing density of our cities. Rooftops can be developed into social and recreational spaces and used for urban agriculture. They reduce the energy required to cool or heat a building- leading to significant cost savings. The installation cost of a green roof is higher than a traditional roof; however, the lifecycle cost is competitive, particularly when consideration is given to roof replacement cost, energy savings and less expensive building air-handling systems.

Project Management

We follow a meticulous project management process to achieve the highest quality results. Our process starts with pre-design analysis and evaluation of client requirements, along with a review and analysis of the project site. Then feasibility studies are presented to the client along with preliminary cost and time projections. Conceptual designs are then developed and presented for client feedback. This is followed by developing sample board, design drawings and estimation of materials required. Once the final design is approved, procurement processes are initiated and the project enters its execution stage. At the execution stage, intensive coordination and monitoring ensures that all aspects of the design are materialized and executed to the highest standards.